NWORLD NTREPRENEUR, According to myself, Contemporary Management, an Entrepreneur is defined as "an Individual who notices opportunities and decides how to mobilize the resources necessary to produce new and improved goods and services.


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This website was made by Mr. Baculayan, Glenn Catamora a.k.a Takeshi Catamora Kaneshiro as Jayvee Jam Dingdong. He created this website for his business purposes because he is an NWORLD Entrepreneur.


Meet the team behind it all.

Glenn Catamora Baculayan

CEO and Founder

Arlene Catamora Baculayan

CFO and Head of Sales

Irish Catamora Baculayan

CTO and Lead Developer


BIR Certificate Of Registrations and Barangay Clearance


Be ready for on-the-go experiences!

NLIGHTEN your everyday adventures with NLIGHTEN product line!

NHANCE your lifestyle and overall well-being with NHANCE product line!

NCHĀNT everyone with your allure and confidence, day in and day out!

NBODY the essence of beauty and health to boost your confidence — wherever, whenever!


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Alphanetworld Corporation, operating under the trade name and most famously known as NWORLD, was incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines on July 09, 2015 with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Company Registration Number CS201513594. NWORLD is engaged in the importation, exportation, marketing and trading of premium health and beauty products, using a distinctive product wholesale and retail distribution through direct selling. NWORLD is also in the business of research, development, acquisition of patents and licenses on products within the range of skin care, personal care, health supplements and pharmaceuticals.

NWORLD keeps innovating to a bring high level of excitement and noteworthy satisfaction to customers while being a pro-distributor direct sales company with a firm stance of contributing more to the society. NWORLD has achieved an intricate balance of perspective and goal with the help and guidance of a dynamic board of directors and the good cut of MLM practitioners who have earned their rightful place as pillars of the MLM industry.

NWORLD offers an impressive array of 22 FDA-registered products ranging from skin care, personal care and health supplement products all aiming to improve overall health while also helping one look and feel good from the inside out.

NWORLD has expanded to 16 strategically situated company owned administrative and distribution branches and 29 retail stores nationwide to bring our products and services to a larger customer base. NWORLD's generous sales and distribution compensation system, rewarding incentive program, and the unique in its class, choose your own product package content are just some of the cutting edge advantages of a new and aspiring Ntrepreneur, as we call our sales agents, when they join on board the NWORLD business opportunity.

At the helm of the company is one of its founders, Mr. Juluis Allan G. Nolasco, an MLM innovator, a seasoned executive, a savvy business leader, and the N in NWORLD. NWORLD's three hundred million pesos (P300,000,000) market capitalization to date is just one of the ways of showing full commitment to deliver what customers can only expect from a fully established company.

In its second year of phenomenal success, NWORLD opened its first international distribution company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with license Agreement to NWORLD Philippines, operated and managed by JJN Worldwide General Trading LLC Dubai, UAE. NWORLD's more than one hundred million U.S. dollars ($100,000,000) sales as of 2018 only shows that this promising startup company is definitely poised to become a global giant and a pride to the Philippines in the near future.

The combined efforts of the management and its distributors put NWORLD on the 872nd spot in the 2016 Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines, a huge feat for then a one-year-old company. On its second full year, NWORLD made a gross revenue of P2.043 billion that put the company again for the second time two years in a row at the 2017 Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines ranking 994th.

The future is bright for NWORLD! It has captured the Philippine market by storm and is gearing towards the global market. Indeed, the era of NWORLD has arrived.


NWORLD NTREPRENEUR or NN is an Individual Business Entrepreneur by NWORLD - ALPHANETWORLD CORPORATION. This website is owened by GLENN CATAMORA BACULAYAN, he cretated this site for his business purposes to sell any products from NWORLD. Glenn Catamora Baculayan is the one of an NTREPRENEUR of Alphanetworld Corporation since August 23,2018.

If you want to be an Entrepreneur of NWORLD you may Visit our Branch in Davao City or in any branch of NWORLD in the Philippines.

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NWORLD NTREPRENEURor (NN) website is owned by Glenn Catamora Baculayan, and he also managing by his owned website and his teams. And from their Small Business Store, He also offeres NWORLD PRODUCTS because Glenn Catamora Baculayan is an NTREPRENEUR OF ALPHANEWORLD CORPORATION since he joined on August 23, 2018 under his sponsor name Reginald Carreon.

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